Book Suggestion: Then I Became a Mother

Then I Became a MotherIf you have ever been to a baby shower you have probably played any number of the ridiculous games that are often part of these events.  Sniff this diaper and guess what substance is in it…while blindfolded.  Taste this baby food and guess what flavor it is…while blindfolded.  Race someone else to change a doll’s diaper…while blindfolded. What is with all the blindfolds?!
Parenting is definitely not something that anyone should try to do while blindfolded.   It is something to be done with your eyes wide open.  In my opinion preparation, dedication, wisdom, patience, and a sense of humor are the key factors to successful parenting.  In her book, Then I Became a Mother, Robin Kramer takes all of these factors into account as she uses the premise of a baby shower game to break down her advice on parenting.
Now, I personally do not think that you can figure out all there is to know about parenting by reading any number of books.  It is a hands-on learn-as-you-go kind of thing.  However, as I mentioned previously, I do think that preparation and wisdom are key factors.  It is best to have some idea of what you are getting into and to benefit from the wisdom of those who have gracefully gone before you.  Although, I have never met Robin Kramer, having read her blog, Pink Dryer Lint, for some time now, and having now read her book, I believe that she is one of those people.
Robin talks about parenting with realism and a sense of humor.  Then I Became a Mother is a title that I would now recommend to any mom or mom-to-be  looking for some advice and a sense of camaraderie.  What mom doesn’t want to know that she’s not the only one struggling to keep her cool on a day-to-day basis and love her kids with her whole heart while cleaning up sticky (or stinky) messes, breaking up fights, or dealing with incessant whining?  With three daughters of her own, Robin describes having all of these feelings and gives some sage advice in the process.
As we raise our children, we’ll repeatedly be confronted with the contrast between the ideal – how we think a situation ought to be – and the reality – how the situation really is…What if we gave ourselves grace and redefined accomplishment?…Accomplishments in motherhood come in many forms, and rarely are they tidy and obvious.
I know that grace is something I struggle to give myself as a mom.  In a world where what you see online would lead you to believe that every other mom is whipping up fabulous Pinterest creations on daily basis, feeding their children only the perfect whole foods diet, and keeping everyone perfectly coiffed and behaved in the process it can be hard to leave room for grace.  However, we were given the perfect example of grace in Christ and it’s important to learn from His example in extending grace…even to ourselves.
In this vast world filled with billions of people, I meditate on how God selected me to be the mother of my three children. I’m theirs.  They’re mine.  This isn’t a mistake.  Even in my imperfection, I’m the best mother for my children.
I find this to be a beautiful reminder.  If you do as well, I suggest to check out Then I Became a Mother for yourself.  I think it’s worth your all too hard to come by “extra” time as a mom.

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