Family · Motherhood · Parenting

My Baby

Sticky hands and lips.
Always sticky.
Bananas, peanut butter, a lollipop.
Even a bowl of cereal somehow makes them
Sweet hand in mine and kisses on the cheek.
Voice too loud.
Always loud.
Excitement, frustration, a bumped head, just because.
Smile so sweet, so sly.
Precious cuddles.
Perfect nap buddy.
Too aware of his ability to get away with it.
So tiny yet so determined.
So precious yet oh so stubborn.
So much room to grow and change.
So much personality already.
So aware of his world.
So sure of what he wants.
Waiting, hands and eyes open for all that is to come.
Still my baby.
Poised to grow, to change, to become.

I’m not ready.


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