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I Still… Should Have Known


I wrote this post 3 years ago on Josiah’s first birthday and today, on his fourth birthday, it still stands so true.  Today we celebrate a 4 year old who can light a room with his smile, jumps into each new adventure and relationship without abandon, knows exactly what he wants and when he wants it, and keeps us on our toes with both his sheer joy and stubborn willpower.  Happy Birthday, Josiah!  We love you more than words can express.


Josiah Henry

The doctor tried to tell me to wait, don’t push yet, hold on one more minute.  Sorry lady, no can do.  This 6lb 8oz child currently feels like a line backer in the 4th quarter of the most important game of the season.  He’s coming right now whether you’re ready or not.

I should have known.

He arrived just after noon on his due date.

I should have known.

Where his brother embraced practically every new food we threw at him, I’m pretty sure Josiah would have been content to live out his life on breast milk, given the opportunity.

I should have known.

Before he could even walk, he figured out how to give his brother a wet willy to get him to release any given wrestling move.

I should have known.

At 9 months old he could already climb the entire flight of stairs in our house.

I should have known.

At 10 months he took his first steps – determined to keep up with every move his big brother made.

I should have known.

I should have known this kid was filled with determination from the beginning.  I should have known he would always know exactly what he wanted and when he wanted It.  I should have known the sheer force of his will.

I thought will-power wasn’t supposed to fully rear it’s head until the second year of life.   Isn’t that why they call it the terrible twos?

But this child, Josiah Henry, my beautiful surprise, with a gorgeous grin, expressive eyes, and precious cuddles, this child has been practicing the art of will-power from the very beginning.

And now he’s one year old.  An entire year has passed since his birth.  Now I’m weaning him.  Now I’m moving past the stages of praying that tonight will be the night he sleeps through the night, carefully propping him up in case he falls over while sitting up, and pureeing all his food.

Infanthood is behind us and there is a little boy growing rapidly in front of me.

I should have known it would all go by too fast.

Happy birthday, baby boy!  I can’t wait to see all that God has in store for you!


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