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Dearest Mexico


Dearest Mexico,

You have been our home for nearly 6 years now.  In just five days we will move back to the United States, but it’s not because we dislike you.  The truth is that we have fallen in love with you.  Your bright colors, bold food, and beautiful land and people have stolen our hearts and will always have a piece of them.

Our second child was born here.  He will always have dual citizenship and we will remain Permanent Residents.  Thank you for welcoming us from the beginning and being willing to welcome us back in the future with open arms.  I am sorry that you may not always be as openly welcomed into our country of birth.  Please know that despite that you will always have a welcome place with us.

During our 6 years here we have done our best to soak in all that you have to offer.  From beautiful handicrafts, to ancient ruins, stunning beaches, festive music, and delicious food we have hungered to know more and more of you.

Our children are bilingual and speak Spanish as native Mexicans.  We will fight to help them keep this gift and all of the other beautiful gifts you have bestowed upon all of us.

Thank you for your love.  Thank you for your graciousness and patience as we have been unsure of customs and language.  You have shown us unending hospitality.

We will be back to visit, but in the meantime we will take you with us in our hearts.

Con Amor,

The Kitchin Family



One thought on “Dearest Mexico

  1. We hope to meet your beautiful family. Love your letter! We have done mission trips to Colima, Colima. How we love that part to Mexico. I wish we knew other parts as well.
    You are being prayed for. Thanks for keeping in touch! Barbara and Jim

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