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Competitive Toddler Speed Climbing

Since I shared my goals for the year I thought it was only fair that my younger son have his clearly articulated goal for the year documented as well:

Scare Mommy.

j Climb

The kid started the year off with a bang.  Literally.  He stood up in a child-sized chair, after a brief minute of calmly coloring with his brother, and took a fall which sent us to the ER for 6 stitches on the back of his head. Let me tell you, watching your 16 month old pinned down by three people (yeah, he’s seriously strong) while a surgeon sews up the back of his head is not something I recommend to any parent or care to relive myself.  However, with this kid’s antics I will not be surprised if this was not our last trip to the ER during his childhood.

Sorry, Mom and Dad for those three times you had to take me to have stitches on my head as a kid.  Apparently this kind of thing runs in the family.

The thing is, I was just clumsy or in the wrong place at the wrong time.  This kid is out looking for adventure (to put it mildly).  If Toddler Speed Climbing was a competitive sport I am pretty sure he would be in contention for the gold.  Recently he has discovered his ability to wiggle himself into the chairs of our kitchen table and then climb to standing on the table itself – in 30 seconds flat.  Seriously all you have to do is turn your head briefly and SURPRISE he’s practically up to my height and grinning from ear to ear.

He currently has his sights set on reaching the summit of our over 6 foot tall tv cabinet.  Luckily the first step of this is removing all of the toys from the bottom shelves, which is rather noisy, so I have caught him before he gets very far at all.  But, oh boy, is he determined.

Yes, we’re working on helping him understand safety and yes, I keep an extra close eye on him, but there’s a long road ahead and have I mentioned this boy is DETERMINED.

For further evidence of his antics check out #placesIfindmyboy on Instagram.  My husband keeps a running feed of some of the many places we have found him.  However, there have been fewer posts lately as he’s gotten more adventurous.  I’m just not willing to leave him certain places long enough to get a photo.

Here’s hoping 2014 isn’t the year we become best buds with the ER doctors at our local hospital.


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