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19 Months

When my older son was 19 months old I took the opportunity to commemorate this stage of his life on my previous blog, so I thought that it was only fair that I do the same for my younger son.

So here it is, an ode to this precious stage:

Dear Josiah,

How can you be 19 monthsj4 old already?  Your brother was only 2 months older when you were born.  Time is flying by!

The best words to describe you right now are tiny and tough.  From the beginning you have been a little guy, consistently growing, but always rounding out the bottom of the growth curve.  You have never let that stop you though.  You are absolutely determined that whatever your brother does you can do too.  From climbing to high heights to playing with every toy item you can get your hands on, you are determined to be right by his side, if you can’t manage to be ahead.   Although your brother considerably outweighs you, if you want to, you can take him down at a moment’s notice.  And, boy do you know what you want.  You are an opinionated little guy who knows exactly what he wants and when he wants it.j3

Your favorite phrases right now are “I want it”, “I don’t want it”, and “up high” (where despite your small stature, you think you should be able to reach at all times).

You adore Elmo and on multiple occasions have brought me the iPad or pointed to the tv, demanding to “watch.”

You are also a fan of Curious George and Daddy and I often liken you to him.  From climbing to high heights, to getting into everything you can get your hands on you are very much a little monkey.  You get into mischief in ways your brother never did.  Most recently you enjoy pulling toilet paper off the roll and getting as much in the toilet as you can manage before Daddy and I catch you.  We’re hoping that this fascination ends soon!j2

Your favorite songs are a Happy Birthday and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, which you often request by raising your hands in the air like stars and emphatically stating “twintle”.

Despite your tough nature you are quite the cuddle bug and mama’s boy and give the biggest hugs imaginable from such a little guy.

We feel so blessed to have you in our lives little “mister”.  I am excited to see all that your passionate nature brings you in life.  Just don’t grow up too fast, ok?J1

I love you to the moon and back,




*Please excuse the poor photo quality.  Our nice camera had a sad death back at Christmas time and we haven’t managed to replace it yet.


One thought on “19 Months

  1. haha, I laughed so hard at the toilet paper into the toilet bit – Mars will do the same thing and then squeal when I see him coming! Happy 19 months mr. josiah – auntie talia loves you!

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