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It Happened Again


It happened again.

We made plans.  Plans that we were completely at peace with.  Plans that seemed comfortable and right.

Just two short weeks ago I was sure we were moving.

And then God turned those plans upside down.

We were going to move back to the U.S. in June.  We were looking at houses and schools online.  I was picturing decorating plans, weekend hiking trips, and friendships rekindled.

It is hard to turn back once you start making those kinds of plans, but here I am, changing them all, or at least waiting an extra year for them to come to fruition.

David was offered an exciting promotion – an opportunity that after hours of discussion, prayer, sleeplessness and pro/con lists we just could not turn down.

For one year he’s the principal and I am so proud of him – proud of the natural leader he is and the way he provides for our family. I am in love with the way he loves me and our kids.

And so we’ll be in Mexico one more year.  That seems to be the story of my life here in Mexico.  We came for two years, he got a promotion and we agreed to stay for two more, and then one more on top of that, and now one. more. year.

But this is it, really…if you don’t believe me I don’t blame you.  I am not sure I would believe me at this point.  But we only agreed to a one year interim position.  A year from now he will not have a job here, so we will have to go somewhere.

So, for now, we are here.  And I am reminded of a post entitled Anywhere, I’m Here I wrote exactly two years ago today:

“This is my anywhere in this stage of life. This is where I will stay – body, heart, mind and all. This is where I will live fully and joyfully. Until I am called to do otherwise, I will believe that this is my anywhere.

I’m here.”

It’s happening.


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