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Anywhere, I’m Here

Chapultepec Mexico, D.F.I don’t know if you’ve ever quit your job to become a stay at home mom in a foreign country where you barely speak the language and know almost no one…

I have.

It’s a challenging lifestyle to say the least.

And I don’t know if after three years living in that country you have decided to go back to working outside the home, move into a new apartment across the city, and spend endless hours mulling about the best options for child care…all at once…

I have.

I’m right in the middle of it. Let me tell you it is no piece of cake, either. It is hours of apartment searching, nanny interviewing, daycare observing, school contemplating, advice seeking, desperately praying and general wandering “am I doing the right thing for my children, my family, myself?”.

It’s exhausting to say the least.

But I have spent too many years playing the anywhere, but here game.

If I just had a different job, if I could just have a child, if I was only a stay-at-home mom, if my house was bigger or newer, if I lived in a different part of the country or the world…then…

then my life would be better, then I would have my act together, then I would be happy.

Yes, I am currently in the midst of making changes, but it’s my goal to not just make changes, but live out those changes.

This is my anywhere in this stage of life. This is where I will stay – body, heart, mind and all. This is where I will live fully and joyfully. Until I am called to do otherwise, I will believe that this is my anywhere.

I’m here.


9 thoughts on “Anywhere, I’m Here

  1. Absolutely nothing in our lives in common except the need to say “anywhere I’m here” … Thank you for such an encouraging thought today 😉

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