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Moving Forward

Excited Scared Anticipative All of these words, these feelings, surround me as I consider what lies ahead. We moved to Mexico 4 and a half years ago – for the learning experience; for the adventure. We said we would be here two years at most. And then we stayed. We moved to another apartment, we… Continue reading Moving Forward


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5 Signs Your American Child is Growing Up in Mexico

1.  He plays culturally appropriate games. At our house at least once a week the boys play “piñata”.  They fill a bowl with “candy” (usually the alphabet magnets from the fridge), get something to use as a stick (a wooden dowel from their train set will do) and make me chant the Mexican piñata song… Continue reading 5 Signs Your American Child is Growing Up in Mexico

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My Third Culture Kids

I am currently raising two Third Culture Kids. Not familiar with the term? It was coined in the 1950s by American sociologist and anthropologist Ruth Hill Useem to describe children who are growing up in a culture different than their parents’. More recently American sociologist David C. Pollock in his book, Third Culture Kids: Growing… Continue reading My Third Culture Kids