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5 Signs Your American Child is Growing Up in Mexico

Mexican Eli1.  He plays culturally appropriate games.
At our house at least once a week the boys play “piñata”.  They fill a bowl with “candy” (usually the alphabet magnets from the fridge), get something to use as a stick (a wooden dowel from their train set will do) and make me chant the Mexican piñata song while they take turns hitting the bowl until the “candy” falls out.

2.  He translates important words for you.
While sitting on the toilet, yesterday Eli carefully informed us, in his best Mexican accent, “En Español es poo poo, you say poo poo”.

3. He recognizes the finer parts of American households that are often missing from their Mexican counterparts.
You would not believe how excited this kid is that the new apartment we are moving into has a bath tub.  While touring a different apartment, which also had a bath tub, he came out of the bathroom shouting “But where are all the bath toys?”.

4.  He recognizes the importance Mexicans place on greetings when entering and leaving.
On more than one occasion we have had to re-enter a room because Eli was crying “I want to say hola” or “I didn’t get to say adios”.
5.  He considers culturally appropriate career options.  
When Eli was first starting to really use pretend play, one day he started heading for the door telling me he was going to work.  “Where do you work?”, I asked.  “I make tacos!”



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