Letter to my boys

Valentine’s Day Letter to My Sons

To my sons,

Today is Valentine’s Day. Currently all this day means to you is packages from your grandmothers, heart shaped crafts, and being bombarded by too many sugary items. But someday…someday, this day will come to mean more to you.

There will be pressure to write valentines, to buy flowers, to plan dates, and to search for someone to love who will love you back. I pray that you do find that someone, but I also pray it is not because of the pressure to do so. We all make poor choices when we search for love because we think we are supposed to do so. Our love gets lost in things, given away too early, and lacking in intentional, godly purpose. This kind of love will only let you down.

So as you search for love – from friends, peers, mentors, and one day maybe even a girl (let’s push that off a while, okay?), I pray that you remember the one who first loved you. No, not Daddy and I, although we loved you from the moment we first knew you existed, but God – the one who formed you and knew you before we ever did. May you rely on His love when the world pushes you to love so many other things. May you find security in Him on the days your love has been turned down or hasn’t yet found a home. May you intentionally study the love of the one who first loved us, that you may reflect it well.

Daddy and I will do our best to reflect this love to you, but we are going to make some mistakes along the way. You will too. Be humble. Accept grace and forgiveness. Make changes and keep trying. These are the lessons I hope our love reflects. God’s love is big enough for us all. Remember this when others’ love lets you down as well when you let others and yourself down.

Love is not about holidays, red and pink gifts, or finding one special someone just because you are supposed to do so. It’s a lifetime give and take process. There will be easy days and hard days, but when all else fails God’s love is constant. I pray that you each come to know this in a personal, meaningful way.

Happy Valentine’s Day, boys.

I love you,


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